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 投稿者:shiro hanadaメール  投稿日:2009年 1月23日(金)05時36分21秒
  Saito Kun : I know. It's been real quite for a long time. This has been a real cold winter so far here in New York - it's considered partly an influence of the global warming, they say - what a BS ! Ironically, not so many are talking about global warming any more lately. Every and only news we get nowadays are for Obamas. You must have seen it on TV,too. We have a new president- young and smart, we believe. Everybody wants him do well - and quick - but we'd better understand that he's not a magician. It's still a long and tough way ahead of all of us for recovery. This totally cold economy makes this winter particularly cold - but it'll end eventually and the spring will come - hopefully soon ! I think I'll come to Tokyo at the end of March - let's get together and talk, again !  

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